Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Death to purse snatchers

So over the weekend, I went to my friend Karyn's bachelorette party. We had a good time. We started out at Jive and Wail, then went to McGurk's, MP O'Reillys (SO GHETTO) and then ended up on the landing. We were staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Downtown St. Louis. Me and two other ladies were dropped off about 20 feet from our hotel at the end of the night (about 3 a.m. - too late for mama to be out). As we were walking in, a guy came up behind me and knocked my purse out of my hand. I put my left arm out to block him from picking it up, and as he bent over in front of me, I grabbed onto his shoulders and back to yank him away from my purse. After a little struggle, he threatened to shoot me if I didn't stop fighting, so he got away with my purse. But for the record, I don't think he had a gun, I just think he knew that this white chick was about to pummel his strung out ass. So he got my purse, along with my digital camera, ID, debit card and lip gloss (the nerve, the NERVE). The St. Louis City police officers were wonderful in responding quickly and being patient with a girl who was freaked out, severely pissed off and had had a few cocktails (although not enough to not be sobered up by the whole experience). So needless to say, I'm a little freaked out, a LOT pissed off, but grateful that nothing more serious happened. I can replace anything he took, but can't replace me being there for my boy. I am glad that I got an amateur thief. But I hope he rots in hell.

On a lighter note, I think that I am finally breaking down and getting Corbin (and me) a dog. We are researching breeds that are good condo dwellers, not known for yapping and won't piss all over the place. Some options we've come up with:


Puggles (Pug/Beagle Mix)


King Charles Spaniels

Any suggestions?